Service Breakdown

  • Creative
  • Design
  • Research and Execution

Creativity is the cornerstone of the services offered by Media Convergence. We combine our creative team, our business team and our market research team in every collaborative session to come up with outside the box ideas that lead to profitability and realization of goals. Creative ideas that set your company apart from the pack AND profitability? Welcome to creativity, indeed.

Design and creativity work hand in hand for Media Convergence projects.  Our digital design team ranges from graphic design to web design to video production experts.  Our collaborative “think tank” sessions include a great deal of input by the digital design team, who have enamored clients time and time again with their unique concepts.

Research and execution are the framework under which we operate.  Media Convergence was the brainchild of a business consulting firm and an IT firm coming together to produce a transcendent media/marketing company where design and creativity are only the beginning. We come to the table with knowledge of our client’s industry, vision, brand and goals.  Our business and technical background sets us apart from our competitors through the proper balance of creativity and business acumen.